Sunday, 18 December 2011


There's a girl living in this world. She's just an ordinary girl. Please, this entry don't have any connected to me. It for someone. Yeah. She's my friend. I LOATHE HER SOMETIMES. Why people must trying new things? You're not interested but just for fun. I mean,just to follow the flows. You play tricked on them so they'll believe ALL your actions. And I'm the bad character in the drama. Realize, life is just like a drama. 

And YOU, no need to show off your wealth. It's not yours, it's your parent's. 

"Aku dapat beli nikon wei. Tak sabarnyaa"
"Kejap lagi nak pergi JJ. Nak beli buku Wimpy Kid"
"Phone aku hilang, takpe nanti beli baru"

And you think people will say : "Dia ni kaya. Budak hot lak tu" Hahahaha, damn you girl. Kau tak hot pun, kau sengaja bajet hot dengan tulis ayat bombastik yang yeahh of course tak menjadi langsung! I'm sick of you. Please. Just be yourself. You copied my entry, I'm just like "Sokayyy, I don't mind" Then, when other people copied you, you just like "What The Fu*k!! They copied my entry!! Damnnnn! Go to hell lah!." So, who are me to you? A shit? I'm nothing to judge people. 

And I thought you just like A Damn Shit. 
U understand? Tahi Yang Sialan. 

p/s : Sorry for the broken english :/